Thursday, October 25, 2007



I made a sale this week, and last week through my Etsy shop.
I'm on a role! Seriously, this is a tough job though. I know that might seem silly, but you really have to promote your shop to get any recognition. I spent a few hours in the forum section earlier today and this afternoon. There are so many people trying to promote and post items that you easily get lost in the shuffle. You have to promote, promote, promote. I can't wait until I have my website up and running. I think that will really help me out a lot. Until then I have my blog, shop, and flickr.

So I finished some paintings, and Michael has some new panels almost ready for me to start working on. So hopefully I can keep some of these sales up.

Let's see, what else has been going on...we get our puppy in 9 days! I am so excited. We have just about everything we need now. I might get her a couple more toys...but she probably already has enough. Oh! I need to remember to get some carpet/upholstery cleaner. Kim don't you know of a good one?

I turned in my application for OCC, and hopefully I will be hearing about financial aid soon. I had to go to the school last week and I had somehow blocked out all the horrible memories of dealing with admissions and Financial Aid. I forgot that they send you to two or three different windows for each paper that you have to turn in. I'd forgotten how they talk to you like you're five and treat you like you're two. I had forgotten that you have to talk to three or four different people in order to get your one question answered. And I had forgotten that you have to fill out a novels worth of paperwork, and then they send you home to fill out 20 pages of Internet "paperwork." Awesome. School is so awesome.

I just want to get started. I'm going to Indiana to stay with my grandma for a week. I am excited to spend time with her, but I am also not looking forward to being in Syracuse, Indiana for a week. She is also very old and very quiet. I am also very this makes for a very quiet maybe I will be able to find my voice and actually have some interesting conversations with her. That's my goal anyway.

Lastly, I found this cool article in Martha Stewart last week. I happen to have a love for Martha, and all things Martha for that matter. I love her new "hipper" magazine Blueprint (I think that's the title) and I love, well, everything she does. Anyway, she (or should I say her assistants) had this cool idea for dipping fall leaves into beeswax and hanging them in the window. Well, I tired it, and just like all Martha ideas they forgot to mention a couple of things. For instance, once you dip you leaf in the hot wax and you have shaken off the excess, you should have an old iron ready (you don't want to use this iron ever again) and a piece of cardboard and sketch paper. Place the cooled leaf on the paper and take your iron and iron off the excess. Otherwise your left with a thick beeswax leaf. The iron leaves a nice thin coat of wax on the leaf, making it transparent in the window. This is great if you love fall, but don't have the money to spend on fall things. It's relatively cheap if you already have the supplies.

Ok that's enough. :)


K. Trinks said...

"so this makes for a very quiet experience" hahahaha! two little old ladies, but which one is really the old one?

my recomendation is that natures miracle shit they sell in pet stores everywhere in a white bottle with a red cap, just get the cheap liquid one that pours. i use a little of that to clean up the extra liquid of the accident, and then i use bissel's pet stain remover in a spray bottle. spray it on, and throw a very damp washcloth on top for a few hours to work the stain out. then scrub. wipe down with wet cloth. welcome to the fantastic world of pet ownership. speaking of which, i must send you photos of the cat in her halloween costume, it is a little business-cat (fat cat?) tie on a collar. hopefully she can get a white-collar job and start makin' monies to pay the bills around here, sheesh. i put it on her and she kept licking the tie. forgive my spelling errors if present, the smoke has made it hard to function in life. :)

Simply Wired said...

Lovely blog! I especially like the title of it. And...congrats on that puppy! I hope you put pics on your blog...I love dogs. Also, congrats on the sale, nice work promoting your items. You have some lovely products.