Friday, November 9, 2007



So I just about got cleaned out of my shop this week!
I opened my e-mail and had sold 7 pieces over night! To one person!

So i have been trying to get some new pieces done. I also was offered a spot in a group show for December for a gallery called DDP Gallery in Arkansas. You can visit then at I was also offered to sell some pieces on consignment to a small shop called Nectar in Utah! I'm going national. :)

Chloe os doing well. She was having some bad tummy troubles this week, but they seem to be getting much better as of today. Which is a BIG relief! It's so awful seeing your pet/baby uncomfortable and you don't know why. Plus it's scary when your puppy is sick. I was so scared that she might have Parvo or something. God, that would have been so I am thankful that she is doing better. She goes in for the beginning of her last shots. She should be ready to go out and play and run by the end of the month. Not that she's really going to want to with the cold and snow...

Ok, I must get ready for some art opening this evening. I don't really want to go. I'd much rather stay home drink some good beer and peruse the internets...

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K. Trinks said...

yay congrats on selling your stuff! good job :)