Friday, January 18, 2008

Chloe Pictures

Ok so here are some new Chloe pictures. She really likes to pose for the camera. She's also discovered a new place in the house to sunbathe.

So let's see what happened today. I went to UPS to re-send a package for someone.
The guys at UPS were really nice. They even helped me with all my photocopies. While I was there this man came in asking for some info on shipping an item. He wanted to know how much it would cost to ship a very interesting item from here to his brother in Georgia. No, this wasn't a gift. It was a rifle. Yes, a rifle. Laying on the counter. He had taken it apart and duct taped it together with camo duct tape. Only in Michigan. Or the Appalachians.

So after UPS I headed over to Kroger. It's Valentines season. I love Valentines season. They have all the best candy during Valentines. Not only do they carry Valentines candy, but they are also carrying Easter candy. It's a special time of year for candy lovers. Now, for years there has been one Valentines day candy that I seek out in every store. A few years ago stores in the NW stopped carrying this particular candy. I would search and scour the candy shelfs in every grocery store every January through February for this candy. Many stores carry another candy that is very similar but pales in comparison to this brand of the same candy. I have many fond memories of this candy....
The candy I speak of is Brach's Conversation Hearts. Not to be confused or mistaken for Sweethearts brand of Conversation Hearts. No no no. Brach's brand is far superior to the Sweethearts. Brach's is smooth, soft, and has a sweet sugary meltiness when it hits your tongue. Sweethearts are hard and leave a bad aftertaste.
Brach's also hold a special place in my heart. My favorite memory of this candy is when I lived in San Diego. Kim and I bought a large bag of said candy and sat on a curb just outside our local supermarket and managed to eat the entire bag. be young and able to eat an bag of candy...I also remember Kim buying Brach's while it was on clearance at Target
(at the end of the season) and freezing two bags of it. We could enjoy the sugary goodness well into May and June!

So now...wandering the Kroger, seeking out Valentines candy. Searching, scouring, trying not to get my hopes up...guess what I find? Yes. Brach's Conversation Hearts. Although not in a large bag, but in small boxes meant to give friends, I find my little jewels. I bought three packs. I will have to buy more later, of course, I just didn't want the cashier to think that I had totally lost my mind. It was a good day. Thanks Michigan Kroger for coming through for me this time. I knew there was a reason I moved here....

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Erika said...

I LOVE brach's conversation hearts too! It's so good to know there is someone else out there who appreciates their sugary goodness. I too go on quite the search every year to lay in a supply of them.
btw don't you think the green and purple hearts are better than the other colors?