Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cloudy Grey Skies

My body hates me after my work out yesterday. Most notably my arms. I am in pain. It hurts to buckle my safety belt. It hurts to turn the wheel of my truck. Ouch. Other than that I am good. I think I'm getting a cold. It doesn't help that the heat in the apartment building is not working. It is either 90 degrees in here, or what feels like 45 degrees right now. It's not freezing, but it's not warm and toasty either. Hopefully someone will be here tomorrow to fix it.

I am trying to get up the motivation and inspiration to work right now. I have several panels that I am priming right now, but no ideas to get me started. This is the hardest part of being an artist. Finding inspiration and motivation to get working.

A fellow artist, Megan Chapman, has a great blog that I just read this morning on this very topic. Her blog deals with living and working as an artist. The ups and downs and she has a lot of good advice for artists starting out and ways to promote yourself. I love reading her blog. It reminds me that there are artists out there that have the same issues that I do. As painter/printmaker almost all of my work is done solo, as with most artists. You tend to spend most of your time by yourself and if you're an artist like me you tend to shut yourself in. Yeah, I don't get out much...

Anyway, Megan's blog is awesome, especially if you are looking for some inspiration. She is an amazing painter and I would love to her work in person one day :) I don't know how to paste pictures from other websites right now. Hopefully I can figure it out so that I can post some of her images here. But you can see some of her work on her blog.

On a side note. For those of you interested in my wedding plans...mostly Kim and Angie.....
I have decided to start a wedding blog. I haven't started it yet, but that is one of my goals for today. I have a lot of really good ideas, but I would love to hear any ideas from you two. I'll keep you posted! Don't you just love the internet?

Alright. Mikey is done in the studio and I need to go pick him up.

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Megan Chapman said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my work and my blog. I am glad you get some inspiration out of it. I hope others will too. I really enjoy your blog as well.I can very much relate to you and your work!
Good Luck with your art and good luck with your wedding plans!