Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heat Wave!

Holy cow it was like summer here this afternoon!
It got all the way up to 43 degrees and the sun was shining! I felt like I was in Southern California again! Well, except Trinks wasn't it wasn't as fun.

Anywho, I got some great pictures of life trying to pop it's head out into the big world.

Chloe was enjoying a much needed nap on the porch in the was nice out so we got to do a lot of running around and exploring outside.

I am getting ready to start some new paintings! Michael is making me some panels tomorrow and hopefully by Friday I will have some stellar ideas. I will of course be continuing my typewriters, but I have some new ideas brewing too.

So, I am enjoying my Wednesday afternoon. I usually take Wednesdays off...gather myself, and start new projects on Thursday. I have a little itch to start some collage work, however, so I might just need to satisfy that urge...

Hope everyone else is having a lovely spring afternoon!

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Art Kitten said...

Chloe looks so cute laying there, I am so jealous I can't wait to have a Boston Terrier of my own (I live in a teeny tiny apartment). Looking forward to seeing your new paintngs.

I read your blog with my coffee every morning :)