Friday, March 14, 2008

Kim Caught Me

I was supposed to be writing a blog, but I wasn't. I was on Etsy.

I am truly addicted to it.

San Diego has been fun. Things are crazy busy, but we are having fun in between the craziness.
I ate my FatDaddy Cupcake last night. All of it. In practically one sitting. It was so good. I want more. I am addicted.

The wedding is tomorrow, and hopefully Sunday will be nice and relaxing.
I had my first pedicure yesterday. It was really fun. I have always had a fear about having my toes done. And I guess I always feel bad for people having to scrub and clean my feet. This place was different. It was really cute, and the girls were really sweet.

Anyway, things are going well and I am having fun.

I wanted to make a quick note about some recent blogs that have been nice enough to include me!

Go visit Megan Chapman's blog on "Six Amazing Artists You Should Now."
There are some truly amazing artists to check out.

Also, Amy from Pikaland wrote a sweet little piece about my work on her website
She features some really great illustrated work from some awesome artists as well.

Alright. It's getting late, and I need to eat some Girl Scout cookies. Trinks likes to stock up on them and eat them through out the year. She is a true planner.

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Art Kitten said...

ah to be able to wear sandals, you lucky lucky girl! Congrats on the write up as well and hope you had fun at the wedding!