Friday, March 28, 2008


Dude. totally radical. I think radical needs to make a comeback. Ok. Maybe not.

Anyway, I got a really exciting note in my "real" mail yesterday, along with a nice check, from Kari at PaperCuts and Gluesticks Gallery. She asked if I would like to have a solo show in her gallery!!!
I was going to post it in my blog yesterday, but I thought I would e-mail her first, just to see if it was really true. She e-mailed me this morning to say yes! She also let me know that The Plain Dealer Newspaper in Cleveland interviewed her yesterday about her gallery, and that is looks as though they might include some of my work!! yay for us!! So I am really excited about that, and I think I freaked Chloe out a bit with my 20 minute happy dance.
This is going to be my first solo show in a "real" gallery!
Don't get me wrong. I love showing in coffee places and with other artists in group shows, but this is different. I am already starting to plan my outfit for the opening...

Also, I made my 100th sale on Etsy yesterday. I am officially a rock star.

My block print is almost done. I am hoping to print it today, by hand. No press, but I am still hoping to sneak into the Cranbrook print department and use theirs. I hear that no one on the department even uses the presses anymore, and a few years ago the former print instructor demanded that all but two presses be taken out side and left to rust because he claimed print was dead. How sad.

Speaking of print...I am going to be working one night at Utrecht to help with their inventory. Meaning that I will now get the Utrecht discount, meaning that I can afford to buy my screen printing supplies. Yay! I have a lot of ideas, now I just need the materials.

Panels are made and ready to get some gesso, paper, and paint on them. These ones are extra special. You will see, when I am done with them, just what I am talking about. It's cool. Trust me.

So that's that. Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday afternoon.

p.s. I am officially going to NYC in May. :)
Details to follow soon. eeee!


~Stella said...

Things are going so well for you, congratulations!

Rosebud Collection said...

Good for you. I am sure you will do well...lots of luck and have fun..

Abby Creek Art said...

Congrats on the solo show and the 100th Etsy sale! No surprise to ME...your work continues to inspire and amaze me, Michele.

Diana said...

Sincere congratulations on all of your huge achievements!!!

You stand out for me on so many levels. Your art, which definitely has its own unique tone and emotion. But also your compassion and interest in your painting colleagues; you offer so much of your own time and benefit of your experience to others. It's for these reasons and more that your success is no surprise to me.

Keep going!!!

Janice La Verne said...

hi michele, great news on all counts!!! it was so cold today in Eugene... hail on the ground, monty the greyhound was shivering on his walk, he needed his coat. just telling you this because it's probably warmer where you are!

now i'm going thru g.'s sewing box, and hopefully will find more thread to add to my little pile. I have loved the "vitamin P and D" books, especially the drawing one. it is so inspiring.

revel in success! Janice

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I love your stuff. I've seen it on Etsy. I'm 12 and I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. I have had a jewelry making business for the last two years. I'll keep checking back on your blog. I love your pictures, they are so inspiring to me. Cambria

Step Daddy-O said...

Going to NYC!!!!!????? Lucky duck.

Uptown? Downtown? Brooklyn? All around the town?

You must have a Knish, and oh, BTW...we want Chloe kisses!!!!!!

Art Kitten said...

Woohoo, Michelle! Congrats on the solo show, how exciting! You inspire me to get my butt off the computer and to delve into making art. Which is what I am going to do now :)

Margins. said...

That is so so great!! You are a wonder.

I love the name of the gallery :)

erinpetersonart said...

Congratulations on your many successes! You really are a fantastic artist, so you deserve every bit of it!