Thursday, April 3, 2008

Printmaking = Happiness

I love printmaking.

It's true.

Michele + Printmaking = forever.

So I printed my block print finally. It looks cool. I want to do more. I realized, after someone pointed it out to me, that the word I wrote should be backwards...oh well :) I didn't really like the words anyway.
I want to do some dry point etchings, but that requires a press unfortunately. Although I did find an article online about how this guy used his car to run over his plates, thus making prints. Hmmm....

I found another picture of me in the printmaking room at PSU. This was my second home my last year of college.

Anyway. I got a lot of work done today.

I found this really cool website. Well, I didn't really. Michelle Moode did. I found the link one her blog. It called Art House Co-Op. I signed up for the collecting things project. They send you an accordion file folder and it's your job to fill it with a collection of things that apply to your life. I love to collect things. Anything. Ticket stubs, raffle tickets, stickers, material, yeah. So after you collect your things and put it in the file folder thingy, you send it back to them, and they have a gallery show of all of them. People can look through all the stuff you collected! I almost want to fly to Atlanta just to go through people's file folders. I am slightly obsessed with peeking into other people's lives. When I lived on 23rd in Portland, one of my favorite things to do was go on walks at night hoping for a good peek into someones apartment :)

So Michelle Moode, who is a w e s o m e...signed up, and so did I . And there are more spot available! You can sign up too! Do it! Now! :) Sorry, I am a bit demanding today.

That's it!


SecretMe said...

that sounds like fun! but Im in uk so probably wont post international, I'll have a look. great print, the car idea sounds like a good one though, never considered that before. thanks x

K. Trinks said...

Do I need to be an artist to do that file thingy? Mine would be filled with candy wrappers and post it notes...

Michele Maule said...

No! The great thing is that anyone can do it. You could have art is a gallery Trinks! Yes. You!

Michele Maule said...


Karma by Morgan said...

i love your prints... i would like to see the guy who ran over his plates with the car though...wonder how they came out ;) good luck!

Diana said...

Your prints look fantastic. A backwards word would only add to the intrigue.

You are such a creative juggernaut. I live a rich, productive life vicariously through you. Let's keep up the great work! ;)

That's so funny about the accordian file folders and obsessing about others' lives. I'm quite the opposite; I keep my eyes on the ground. I probably miss alot.


Art Kitten said...

I have a BFA in printmaking and feel so depressed because I can't make etchings right now!

I signed up for the accordion file folders as well! Pretty cool idea, I have a whole box in storage of strange things I have kept over the years, a piece of gum an old crush gave me in high school, little plastic toys that I don't even remember the significance, old letters that still make me swoon etc... I noticed the sketckbook idea as well, disappointed that one is filled up already.

Michelle C. Moode said...

hooray! I'm glad to see word is spreading bout the collecting thing. I'm probably going to do the print exchange too...the theme is "i've never been in my neighbor's house"...I'd like to make a print about my eccentric ol' neighboor, who sings to himself all day and night.

michele, you're a w e s o m e too! glad you're making some prints!