Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Internets

So my neighbors whom we shared the internet moved yesterday...

That means no internets until the Comcast guy comes out and sets up the new connection. I have no idea when that is going to happen, so until then I can check my e-mail about once a day at a coffee place...

Hopefully it will happen by Friday, but I am not getting my hopes up about that.

I think this might be a good thing.
I am a little addicted to the internet, so maybe this way I can get more work done.
Or I could totally loose my mind.

It doesn't look like I will be able to go to Portland this summer after all. We were looking at tickets the other night and there is no way we can afford to go...

I am trying not to get upset...but this is hard.

In other news, it's a beautiful day here and I really want to be outside enjoying it.


Megan Chapman said...

Who knows when you will get this.. Oh yeah when you are at the coffee shop.
Let me know how it goes without unlimited "internets."

I am a bit addicted myself and curious to see what would happen without it, so I will let you experience it first...

good luck..

Sorry about your trip to Portland.
BUMMER! I understand the money thing too...things are
s l o w i n g d o w n a bit... Ew. : (

PS. Could you afford to drive to Portland rather than fly? It isn't that bad of a drive... : )

Janice La Verne said...

the summer is young? can we predict a windfall that would blow you to Portland?

i haven't had internet on my Mac since we moved here. i keep using G.'s computer and messing it up. Soon, i hope.

have you seen "Big Love"? I'm watching season one. It's interesting, not the greatest, but good.

enjoy the weather, it's rainy and kinda cold here. i went out and weeded anyway this eve.