Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Hot!

It's hot today.

Poor Chloe. She seems really tired today.
Boston Terriers are very prone to heat stroke because of their short noses, so I am keeping a close eye on her. We got a small air conditioner last year, while they were on sale, for just such an occasion. She seems to be ok though. She's sleeping in the sun...

Her buddy went to stay with someone else yesterday, and I think she is a little lonely. We agreed to split Georgia with someone else. Now I want another dog... :)

Anyway, adventures in silk screening continues. We tried to burn more screens last night, but I think that we need to put emulsion on both sides of the screen. We watched this how to video on Etsy, about silk screening, and he only put the emulsion on one side...but I think it needs to go on both.

Also, the design I am trying to do is to fine and has too much detail for the screen I have. So I am going to try a different design right now. Think bold and cute. Yes, there might be some cup cakes in the making K. Trinks :)

So that's about it. I posted a new painting today, and some new ACEOs.


Janice La Verne said...

Hi Michele,

That is the cutest photo of Chloe and her friend. I don't blame you for wanting another dog. Monty and Simon, my boys, do so well together. Monty is so serious and Simon makes him play.

I got into my silkscreen class and start June 23rd. I'm really excited. Can't wait to see what evolves from your efforts.

I really love the photos of you working on art. They are so much fun to see. Have you ever seen the PBS series "Art 21: Art in the 21st century"? It's so good and rich with images of contemporary artists working.

Have a good evening. I see sky in amongst the grey clouds here.


Michele Maule said...

Hey Janice!

Yeah I have already started looking into BT rescues :) Mike is thinking about getting a bigger dog, like a all depends on where we end up living...

let me know how that screen printing class goes! How exciting!

I have seen some of the Art:21. I love that series.

Abby Creek Art said...

Hey Michele! Sweet baby dogs, how cute that they like to hang out together.

Your new screen printing is way cool. Heading to your Etsy shop now to check things out!

I'll be doing your tag soon...been trying to catch up since Tahiti but my mind is still on island time.:)

Art Kitten said...

Ugh after watching my silk screening video I haven't had the guts to try yet. Kudos to you for braving it!