Friday, June 27, 2008



So I am going to announce the winner of this weeks little blog drawing :)

But first.....
I just want to say thanks to everyone who added a comment to my post. I really loved hearing all of your input! Such great advice. So, I am going to stick to one shop. I agree with everyone who said that having a second shop would just be added.

So...I had Chloe help me pick a name out of a bowl. She didn't seem to understand that she was suppose to pick one with her mouth...she was just trying to find any food that might be in the bowl. So I picked the one that fell out of the bowl first :)

And the winner is....... Jenni Horne! You can e-mail me, with your address at Yay!!

I wish everyone could have won I will be doing this more often!! I haven't decided how often yet, but I'll keep ya posted!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


artsyclay said...

visiting from Flickr - enjoyed reading your blog!

Buddy Zech said...

We love Chloe!!!!

We want Chloe kisses!!!!!

Chloe Rocks!!!!!!

We miss Chloe :-(

Jenni Horne said...

Give Chloe a kiss for me for picking my name!

Michele Maule said...

I will Jennie! :)

Awww...Chloe misses you too Buddy! She told me.

Hopefully we'll see you guys at the end of summer, and you can give her tons of kisses.

She chased away some cats that where in our yard the other night, and so now she thinks she's a tough girl.