Thursday, July 31, 2008


Summer is not my favorite time of year.
Wait, I take that back.
Summer isn't so bad when you're hanging out with friends and BBQin' and camping, and having parties, and drinking beer out on shady patios...but seeing as I am doing none of those things, summer hasn't been that awesome.
Oh well. Next year is going to be different. I just gotta keep thinking ahead.

I found a new found love today and it's name is Williamsburgh Titanium White.
OMG. Where has this paint been all of my life? It paints so smooth, so even, so creamy...mmm...too bad it's like $40.00 bucks a tube. It might even be more. I don't know. Michael bought it. I happened to squeeze the very last of it out of the tube yesterday. Now I am hooked and I need more. It's like crack!

Anyway, Mike got these really great photos of Chloe Bologna today. That's her new last name. Or maybe middle name. Chloe Bologna Endo-Maule. We started calling her that because the gal who runs All-Mighty Clothing Company left a comment on my Flickr commenting on how Chloe's toungue looks like bologna :) So now her official name is Chloe Bologna.


Megan Chapman said...

Williamsburg Titanium White 150 ml
List price $29.95
Blickprice $21.60!!! baby!
I buy all my supplies there!

Hope this helps.

Megan Chapman said...

PS. I love the thumb prints on the paint tube...: )

tangled sky studio said...

yep...i'm a blick baby too! they seem to have the best prices on everything even with shipping factored in. I use A LOT of white and black for my backgrounds and once you have just the right one it is like true love. it seems like you've had a pretty productive summer and the awesome season of autumn is just around the corner!!! Hang in there and order yourself some wtw (feed that'll feel good!)

Michele Maule said...

Thanks ladies!!
I can't believe I have gone so long without this wonderful product :)

I might also be able to "steal" some of Michael's paint when he's not paying attention :))

justagirl said...

I will swap you some of our moody winter weather for some of your summer sun...

Chloe Bologna is so very cute...


ThePeachTree said...

You're absolutely killing me with these shots of Chloe B!!