Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thursday Thursday

So. It's Thursday. What does that mean?
Absolutely nothing :)

I think I ran five miles today! Whoohoo!

I am determined to run a marathon by the time I am 30...that means I have 2 years.

Let's see. We went to this grocery store last night after the movie. It's called Meijers. It's the epitome of consumerism and it's absolutely frightening. They had small televisions playing commercials at every check stand! I felt like I was in that movie Idiocracy. The part where they go into Costco...if you haven't seen it I highly recomend it. The plot is kinda dumb, but the idea is good. And Luke Wilson is H O T T!

Anyway, another day almost over. I want to drink some Mojitos...mmm...mojitos...

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