Thursday, July 3, 2008


So this morning has turned out to be pretty awesome.

I woke up to a nice sale, which is always good.
Got the apartment cleaned. Went to the Post Office and there wasn't a line.
Posted several new things in my shop. Got some good feedback.
Things are good.

We are going camping this weekend at my dad's house, which reminds me that I should probably call him and tell him we are coming to visit...

So yeah, so far so good.

Anyway, I think Morning my friends' all black pug is still missing.
So again, if you live in the Portland area please be on the lookout for her.
She is all all black pug, with no tags, and her name is Morning.
She was last seen in N.Portland near Peninsula Park...supposedly she was seen being carried by
an African American male.

I hope she comes home soon. :(


kristen said...

No lines at the po,
I just walked right up,
half way home and my etsy still blowin up,
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K., I got to say it was a good day.

melroska said...

poor pug. i hope he's found soon.

Art Kitten said...

I am sorry about your friends' pug :(

Have a wonderful time at your dad's and congrats on waking up to a sale!!!

Buddy Zech said...

Went to the Post Office and listed items? How do you find the energy? :-)Busy, busy, busy.
Which reminds me; You guys have got to rent "My Dinner With Andre"

Kiss Chloe for me **