Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I almost forgot to write a blog today.

Well, not a lot happened. I had to go the DMV, or as they call it in Michigan the Secretary of State.

Lots of fun. Then I had to get gas. I pulled up to the Full Service pump and tried to pump it myself. The guy inside got on a little speaker and told me I was at the wrong pump. You know, I never really had to pump my own gas until I moved here. It's Oregon law that an attendant has to pump your gas for you. I miss that. Really.

Anyway, so I had to move my truck to a different pump, and I felt pretty dumb...

Oh! Michael and I actually found this really good Mexican food place! We were both really really excited!! It's family run and it's good. They even make their own guacamole to order :) Very tasty...

So yeah.
It's July first. I hope this will be a good month.


Walk in the Woods said...

Another Tuesday . . . with the potential for guacamole made to order!

Jenni Horne said...

Out of curiosity, where are you doing the chemical part of the etching? I just can not imagine printing without my lab from the old college days.