Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yay!! New Work!!

Ok, I tried to figure out the whole slide show do-hicky but, I can't seem to make it work...
So here is a link to my Flickr that will take you directly to my latest gallery work!!

Enormous Tiny Art Show
Papercuts and Gluesticks

Check it out. I am really proud of this. I think the ones that really stand out to me are the little Polaroids in the frames. I am really pleased as to how they came out, and how lovely they look in the frames. I have no idea how to photograph things behind glass, so I did the best that I could...

I'll be sending these out at the end of the week!
The Enormous Tiny Art Show takes place September 5th @
110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

And Papercuts and Gluesticks will be showing my work after August 15th @
20119 Lake Road
Rocky River Ohio

Well I hope you enjoy the new paintings!
Thanks for all the well wishes too! I feel a lot better today.
Hope everyone is having a good day :)


justagirl said...

Hi Michele

I really love your work, you are so clever, I especially love the freedom in your line. I am glad I found your blog, have admired your work for a while and will be popping back often (if you don't mind)


melroska said...

These are great, I really love the red coat.

tangled sky studio said...

i am in love with the cup of tea! great work michele and i'm glad to hear your on the mend...

Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful work, Michele...you have done so much amazing painting in a short space of time to prepare for these shows. Good luck...I have a feeling you'll be selling everything!

kim* said...

O i want to wear that red dress. back in '99 i wore it every day in the winter. miss it. my clothes get warm out easily.

Pink Kitty said...

I love the red coat with that lovely blue. Your work is thoughtful and mystical. Me likey :)