Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Day of 27

Today is my lat day of being 27 year old.
Yes, tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 28.

Happy Birthday Me!
I love my birthday...even if I am in Pontiac, Michigan...I still love it.

The last couple of days have been rough.
Just missing home, not really knowing what I am doing, and the heat, have all been factors of my over all feeling of yuck.

Today was a lot better, but I can still feel it.

My really good friends had their first baby on August 4th! A little baby boy, named Warren. Mom and baby are both healthy and happy, and I am so glad for that. I really wish I could be there...

Oh well, soon enough I suppose. Please, please, please time...go by quickly.

So I have been continuing my little works on paper. I am almost done. I need to go in and add a little sewing here and there, but I really like them. I have also been busy gessoing panels and collaging them. I started a couple of new ones today too. So a lot of work getting done! Which is good.

I am still having feelings of trying to figure out what I am doing, but I have been working at a lot slower pace, and I already feel better about that.

Oh! one of my friends from PU found me yesterday, and she found me on Etsy! We endured a summer of pure hell together a few years ago. An entire year of French in just 3 months! Anyway, I happened to be on the front page and he clicked on my illustration and figured the rest out from there. Mary also has a blog and it's a really good read. So you should read it if you have time!

So anyway, hope everyone is staying cool!


justagirl said...

Happy Birthday!!! (it is thrusday morning here now, where I live)

I remember 27 was a cool, happy time. I am just loving your new works...


tangled sky studio said...

Happy Birthday Eve! The new work looks great...i really like the etching of the jar ( empty things are cool). It sounds like your moving forward which is really the only thing one can do....congrats on the front page spot..

Krystyna81 said...

Happy Birthday in 3 1/2 hours!

Love your blog and your work...keep cool and keep creating!

Estela said...

Happy birthday tomorrow!!!

Janice La Verne said...

when i was 27/28 i came out, got divorced from my yucky husband, graduated from nursing school, and a lot of other stuff. in the 80's they explained it all as your saturn return in action. is that still true?

i hope your birthday is wonderful! will there be cake?

many good wishes, Janice