Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy busy busy

I participated in the Pleasant Ridge Fine Art and craft show this past weekend and it went really well.

I keep hearing about all these horror stories about awful craft fairs that people have attended or participated in, and I am so glad that hasn't been the case for me.

Anyway, it was fun. Had a good time, made some good sales, and ate lots of cake.

So the holidays are almost here and I am really excited about it.
I love Christmas, and I love New Years...

Anyway, I was hoping to write some more about the subject, but it's getting late and I gotta get dinner started. Plus there is a puppy sitting on my lap who is insisting that she lick every inch of my face...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


justagirl said...

your display looks really good, lots of interesting things on offer and you have a really different style which is so refreshing.

It mustn't be long before you are moving back home?

It is getting really hot here, I think it would be really interesting to experience a winter Christmas some time.

I bet you never get blow up pool toys for Christmas?

Erika Lee Sears said...

Your display looks really good :) I normally use display racks because they are really light. But I might look into something like what you have. Are they heavy?

Michele Maule said...

Hey Erika!
The gal who set up the craft fair let me borrow those walls.
They are really cool! They are metal polls with a kind of heavy nylon on them. I used these curtain hanger type things in the to hang the art work. They are supper light, and she said that they fold up really easy...I don't know where she got them, I should e-mail her about them...Oh, and she said they cost about $80.00 a panel.