Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes it snowed last night. Just a little all melted before I got a picture of it.

It's not officially winter yet, but it felt like it today.
Very cold.

I have been soooooo busy lately! Hence the lack of blog posts.
Saturday is The Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and I have been working my butt of trying to get ready for it. The following week is also the Ridge Fine Art I am trying to prepare for that at the same time.

Blerg. I always tell myself that I won't do any more craft/art fairs, but then I actually get there and I have so much fun. It's trying to prepare for them that makes me anxious. I never know how much to bring...and I am not very good at displaying 2-d art on a flat 6' x 8' foot table...

I have some plans though. Hopefully they'll work out.

Oh! I am also getting some cool stuff together for the Heart Hand Made gift guide...
I won't say what it is exactly, but I added a preview picture here :)

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well! I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading.
I'm a bad friend...

Sorry :(


Melanie said...

I totally get what you mean on the craft/art show front. I'm a complete bundle of nerves the week prior to anything like that, constantly having second thoughts as inches away from backing out. But I always do have fun at them, get to meet people and chat it up with other crafters. The money is nice too =)

Marchi Wierson said...

general comment......I love your work. I'm from pdx too. And I have, on constant rotation, "le Petit Prince" in my car. Someday I will be able to recite the whole thing in french, which I dont actually speak. I really dont know why I do it but I listen to it alot...I mean A LOT. anyway, visit me at my blog if you want.

Art Kitten said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!! I am so excited for you! Please post pictures!