Monday, January 26, 2009

301 Posts!

Well, 302 now.
That's quite a few blog entries.
I wonder if I will continue to blog as much when I move back home.

I hope so.
It's just so easy to do for me living in Pontiac.
There isn't anything to distract me from anything. Literally. NOTHING.

That's what it feels like today.

I spent the afternoon on Saturday with Shannon of ComfortablyLovely, her friend Angela (I think that's her name...I'm really bad with names...), and Taryn Boyd of TalkingSquid.
I had fun! We gathered at Pinwheel Bakery in downtown Ferndale and talked about Etsy, and drank coffee, and ate cookies, and worked on crafty things. Well, I just kinda drew, but the other ladies were very crafty.

I really needed to do that. I realized that I haven't done gotten together with people outside of Cranbrook in a year and a half.
It was so nice not to talk about school, and MFAs, and people I don't know, and New York, and LA, and teaching. SO NICE.

I hope we can do it again sometime.

Now it's over, and it's Monday. Monday is not funday.
Blah. Mondays are hard because I don't have a vehicle and Michael is gone 12 hours.
It's really easy for me to get bummed out. Plus I had a dream about home last night, and woke up to find that I wasn't home, I was still in Pontiac. One of the most depressing places on Earth. Okay. I'm being dramatic, but it is pretty depressing. I wish we lived in Ferndale! Well, I really wish we lived in PDX, but that will happen soon enough I suppose.

In other news, I am hoping to add some new paintings to my shop by the end of the week. I've been taking a lot of time with these ones. Trying not to rush them. So I have that to look forward to :)

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


julie said...

you know, i read your blog through my google reader and the thing i love most is your discontentment with your location. sorry! i know it's a really terrible feeling and you would change it if you could, but i SO relate to it. and it feels so hard to find others that feel that way, because i don't think many young people (yet old enough to not have the luxury of meeting friends in public school) really pick up and move somewhere strange. especially if that place doesn't suit them. so every time you have one of those days, i hope you know that there are many of us out there who understand the feeling. !

Comfortably Lovely said...

glad you had a good time darling! We can meet up again whenever you can make it out here; you just let me know. PLEASE!

justagirl said...

I hope you do carry on blogging once you move back home!!! I will miss you if you don't.

I am glad you had a good time doing what you did with the crafty ladies... really good to get together with like minded souls when you can.

I am back at work and have just spent $12,000 on new art supplies for our art department!!! I love my job.

Janice La Verne said...

ok... I have so much more respect for what you are doing, what all my full time art friends are doing... In these two weeks dodging distractions, staying focused, not listening to internal criticsm... plus a few more,

well... you have accomplished so much. you have turned a negative (i don't want to live here) into a positive.

i want cookies right now, and ginger has the car... sigh...

what a great job,

Girl Land said...

Just found you through Decor8. I'm in Royal Oak. Love your drawings! So lovely. Your afternoon sounds like a nice break too. I love Taryn-- she's a doll. xo