Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So this weekend I decided to make some journals.

I have been working so much on drawing and painting so much lately, that I decided that I needed a little break.

So I made some journals.
It was a lot of fun, challenging fun. I haven't made a journal in some time, and I kinda had to re-learn a couple of things...and make some of it up along the way.

I also decided to make some book cloth. Which I haven't done in years.
Book cloth is an easy thing to make. You take some material, any material really, make some wheat paste, and wheat paste the cloth to some paper. I like sketch book paper.

The wheat paste is easy to make too.
It's one cup of really hot water, mixed with a cup of cold water and 3 tablespoons of flour.
Brush the wheat paste mixture onto some paper, and place the fabric on top. You will also want to brush the wheat paste on top of the fabric. It takes awhile to fully dry.
It makes a great material for using on your books or journals.

On another note...
One of the hardest things about being a working artist is not knowing how much income you are going to have at the end of the month. It can make paying bills really stressful sometimes. I've done okay so far, but this month was looking grim. I ran out of quite a few supplies this month, and I also purchased some space on Poppytalk. I didn't realize how much those things all added up! Well, thank goodness I made the front page on Etsy today! I sold quite a few things, and will be able to meet the demands of all my bills this month! Yay! I am VERY happy about that! Thanks for EmmaLambs treasury! :D


Megan Chapman said...

Yay for paying the bills.
and those journals are soooooooo
cute! I love how your work and creativity are constantly evolving.
Congrats on the front page too!

Nan Lawson said...

cute journals! and congrats on all the sales! etsy totally hearts you lately.

Art Kitten said...

it is amazing that sometimes being on the Front Page of Etsy will make or break us for the month! I love the journals (especially that IKEA patterned one, am I right about that?), and I also love the advice on how to make your own bookcloth. I will be utilizing that information!

Such a multi-talented woman!

Michele Maule said...

It IS Ikea! I wanted to see if anyone recognized it!

Nancy said...

Love the journals, I've also been having the urge to make one, I just need to find some nice paper or fabric to use as book cloth

Samantha Mitra said...

I really like the collage style journal!

Delwyn said...

Thank you for teaching me to make the fabric covering... I'll try it..Happy days

justagirl said...

Yay for being on the frontpage!!!

I love the standing up journal... I haven't made books for ages either, it is a jolly good thing to do now and again.

Heather Jerdee said...

Whoot for the front page! It's amazing how timing can work, pretty cool :) Glad the stress is over and great info about the wheat paste. Very pretty journals.

Janice La Verne said...

How you have grown your business in a year amazes and inspires me.

Comfortably Lovely said...

stop being so talented! maybe i should stop watching the Tivo......

Cherry Runway said...

Those journal are amazing!! Did you make them from scratch? Binding and all?

Michele Maule said...

Hey Jenipher!
Yes, I made them all from scratch :)

La Pomme said...

Hi! I'm trying your wheat paste recipe for book paper right this minute. Thanks for the how-to.

emma lamb said...

hi michele,

i just found my way here from google analytics and wanted to say 'thank you', i got a lot of visits to my own wee shop because of you mentioning me!

how lovely to know that my treasury making the front page did wonders for your sales, your work is beautiful and you really deserve it.

i hope everything is still going well for you, have a wonderful day,