Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not So Fast

Yeah, Michael and I were really hoping that our mild 54 degree rainy weather was going to stick around for a little while longer, but we were wrong. Dead wrong. It's freezing again.

Oh well.

Lots of painting done today!
I really like the color palette I am working with right now.

I have a kind of funny story about an acquaintance of mine in Portland.
He had a show, and didn't have enough paintings to fill the space by the time the gallery was ready to hang is work. Well, he had several canvases that he used for his left over palette paint. Every time he went to clean his palette, he'd wipe the remaining paint on several of these canvases. He wasn't sure what to bring in for the remaining paintings he needed for the gallery so he brought in the scrap paint canvases and put a pretty high price on them. I think he priced them at $900.00? I can't remember.

Well, turns out he sold all four of the scrap paint paintings on opening night, but didn't sell any of his other pieces...

Anyway, it's Thursday! I hope you all are having a good day :)


Comfortably Lovely said...

oh michele, haven't you learned of Michigan's retarded weather yet? btw, I'm loving the clocks! and i think you are doing awesome and I have no doubt you'll have enough fantastic stuff for June.

justagirl said...

That is such a funny story, just goes to show that art is in the eye of the beholder!

I am really loving the clocks... and your colour palette.

We have a cooler day today and I am in long pants and a cardy... in my head autumn has come. I know tomorrow will probably be hot again. You gotta enjoy these warmer/cooler days (depends what you are needing) when they come along.

Nancy said...

I loved that story, too funny! Can't wait to see the 30 pieces :) Good luck, try not to stress out about it

Heather Jerdee said...

That's funny and good to know. I always have a canvas or two for left over paint that eventually I make into something. :) You never know i guess.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

That's such a funny story and good fortune for him. What's that saying.... one man's trash is an others treasure!!

Cherry Runway said...

Ha, that is a funny story. Go figure.

It seems to always be that way. Pour your heart into something and get no responce, but throw some things together and people dive for it.

Art is strange sometimes...

Alex. said...

That is a good story!!

I've had a few people look at my scrap boards and suggest I put them in a show, while they completely look over the stuff that I've spent 30 hours on.

Art's just like that I guess. Sometimes I think it's funny, but other times it's just frustrating!!