Tuesday, February 3, 2009



It's Tuesday.
Things are going well today.

I got a lot of work done on my paintings today, and I listed a couple of more things in my Etsy shop.
Oh! I also started a fan page on Facebook.
It's kinda weird, but as Megan Chapman said on her's,...:" it is all a part of the plan for world domination and gettting my art out there."
So true! :)

So here is my page, if you'd like to be a "fan" of my work!

Well it's a cold, cloudy, slightly snowy day, and I am going to get back to work.
Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday.


Elizabeth Bauman said...

I signed up to be your fan (since I am one and all). Very cool, I didn't know you could do that on Facebook. I've been struggling to figure out how Facebook was going to help my "business" if only friends could view things on it. Ohhhh, light bulb moment. :) One of these days I'll have to do the same. Thanks!

Janice La Verne said...

I'm a total fan, but as usual I couldn't figure out how to sign up... love the office chair.


NONtRENDY said...

Nothing wrong with World Domination!

Michele Maule said...

No worries Janice! :)
Thanks for the compliment!

Abby Creek Art said...

Love your new paintings, Michele!

I just started a Facebook page too...but just the basic so far. It IS weird...but a good marketing tool I'm told as well.

Chloe always looks so sweet, I just wanna hug that baby!

tangled sky studio said...

dude...it's almost over! maybe you can find something to love and remember about MI????

OK...it's a stretch, I know!

Joy said...

Michele, I found your blog from looking at others who listed Boston Terriers as an interest. Chloe is gorgeous. :o)