Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching Up!

I feel like I haven't written a blog post in years!

It's been awhile...I'm not announcing the give away winner yet, I just felt like writing a blog today...

So I have been very busy.
The Spring ling Craft fair is next Saturday! Holy crap! Where does time go?
So I am making some things for that as well as making the decorations for it.
I still have four banners to make. Eeks!

I have also been working on a special piece for an ad agency out of Minnesota.
They wanted to see if I could do a painting of the Detroit skyline for a medical group they
are doing some work for. They wanted a happy healthy looking Detroit :) hehe. I sent in the image just now...I really hope they like it so far.
It's not quite done, but they needed something to show their client.

I've been running a lot lately and I feel so much better. It's one thing to work out at a gym and something totally different actually running outdoors without sweaty people and bad t.v on. Well, I guess they do have CNN, but, it's always the same bad news about the economy, AIG and Obama. I swear the 24 hour news stations are partly to blame for this economic crisis. They're on 24 hours a day and need something to talk naturally they're going to talk about the economy 24/7 scarring everyone and their moms.

Well, anyway...other good news...I got my studio in the warehouse with a group of friends and people I know! whoohoo! I am so happy. :) It's small..about 100 sq. feet, but it has walls and a door, so that's nice. It's also right along the waterfront so I'll be able to go for runs and walks along the Willamette! Yes! It's one of my favorite running spots in Portland.

We've got about 6 weeks left till graduation. I can't believe it.
Wow. We're getting so close. So close.

Well, I hope everyone is well!


Heather Jerdee said...

Awesome image!!! And I hear you about the news ughhhh! Congrats on your studio that sounds really cool and I'm glad for you :) Exercise outside does do wonders I think your inspiring me, girl to get out today for some.

Anonymous said...

Niiiice. I love the colours very positive and healthy. Me too, I'm running outside! That's awesome to have your own little studio space outside of your house!

Stephanie Briones said...

I love it!

justagirl said...

I love the Detroit skyline...

we only have 24/7 news channels if we buy them, and who would bother paying for constant doom and gloom.

Sounds like you are good and busy!!! will make those 6 weeks fly by I am sure.

Studio sounds great, can't wait to see some pics of it.

Janice La Verne said...

these are impressive. i think it's really hard to draw skylines and buildings. i esp. like the round roof part.

a studio... yes, yahoo!

i hate gyms, have tried them before and they make me so cranky i can't do anything.