Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm drinking my morning green tea (yes, I've switched to tea in the mornings and drink a cup of coffee when I get to work) and listening to Joy Division's "Ceremony" at this very moment. Megan Chapman posted it on her Facebook yesterday and I really love the version she linked. So here it is. Thank you Megan! You have such great taste in music.

ay, I bet you're wondering what's up with the who green tea business. I am too, kinda.

The truth is, I
am terrible at making coffee.

There, I s
aid it and now you know my secret.

So, until I get better
at it, it's green tea. It's healthy for you, right? It's got some good stuff in it. Plus it wakes me up and it's easy to make. I'm not giving up coffee. No, no, no. I love it too much. But....for's green tea.


Megan Chapman said...

Now you are making me want a cup of healthy green tea..: )
So glad you enjoyed and re-posted Ceremony by Joy Division.

I just love music so much it makes me want to explode and I am my most happy when I am sharing it. So thanks for brightening my day. :)

michaelendo said...

I was wondering, because this blog isn't called "How 2 Draw a Cup of Green Tea".

Janie B said...

The tea is better for you anyway. Go with it.

Katherine said...

Yup, green tea is anti everything bad! I heard on the news, that just one cup a day lowers your blood pressure by 46 percent.

Leslie said...

OOOHHH! Get a green tea latte at Starbucks made with soy milk and without the syrup. It's awesome!