Thursday, December 3, 2009

21 Days!

21 Days until Christmas!

at's all.

21 d
ays! I'm excited! I love Christmas.
I'm mostly just excited to h
ave the day off, and get back to working part time.

ps. My soup turned out pretty good. Next time I'm just using veget
able stock, and not so much bacon...

I'd sh
are pictures, but none of them turned out. So instead I will shamelessly promote the two new illustrations I finished yesterday :)

Hope you
all had a great Thursday! Back to work!

pps. I
am 50 sales away from 1,000!!!! eeeeeee!!!


tangled sky studio said...

That's awesome...time to run a little special and get that 1000th sale before the year ends! A big pot of soup sounds like a perfect weekend meal here...thanks.


Megan Chapman said...

awesome about almost 1000!!!
Bacon!?!? For some reason I thought you were Vegan..

Soup sounds great any way you slice it. I've been a stranger to your blog, it is good to be reading you again.

lisa said...

Just turned onto your blog through Poppytalk. Really like your work!

Emily said...

Hi! I discovered your work through flickr and must say, I LOVE IT! Your drawings, illustrations, etc. are just lovely. I look forward to more.