Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The day started out so well.

and slowly, so slowly, things got hard.

I feel like sometimes this time of ye
ar should be so happy and joyful, and I'm just not feeling that. I know I'm not the only one. This time of year is hard for many people.

This city is gre
at, and I love it so much, but it's also filled with a lot of memories. Memories of people I use to know. Things I use to do. Places I use to spend time. all of these things make me remember how things use to be, or people I now miss.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever not miss things. It seems like I spend
a lot of time missing things, places, and people. a friend of mine told me last week not to dwell so much on the future, or the past, because life is good right now.

at's what I need to remember every day. Things are good right now.

I thought I would post
a photo of Chloe and my room mates dog Bebo :) The two of them together make me laugh. Goofy girls.


Kim said...

quit hiding Chloe's secret, we all know she made that clone a few weeks ago. looks good though!

Beth said...

hi Michele,
I've found that when I'm feeling lonely (or just plain low) nothing makes me feel better quite like visiting a ridiculously silly website full of videos of kids (and some critters!) laughing. If you haven't already seen it, I recommend going to cutethingslaughing dot com. Hopefully it will cheer you up :)

heidi said...

well said. you speak of a universal truth... it's hard to let go of the past. it's hard to focus on the present. Plus, when it's so gloomy, I just want the sunshine back!

Cherry Runway said...

Oh boy..do i understand this. 2009 has been a heavy year.

All i can say is that the memories come and go spardocily...on a daily basis. But i think eventually time heals all wounds.

It's hard to stay focused on the present, even when the present life is so happy.

Chin up, i hope you feel better soon.

Megan Chapman said...

This is a post I wish I could write on my blog, but I don't allow myself.
So thank you, for putting into words publicly what I think silently.

you know I get it.

Madelyn said...

I hear you too!!

It's a little hard to put those feelings on "my sleeve". The merriest time of year, my butt, life goes on.


Comfortably Lovely said...

I feel for you. But you are so inspiring to me, lady. I am moving back to the u.s. and considering giving up on selling my crafts, but then what do i do with myself? I want to go home but home is not the same.