Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slow. Motion.

I've been dreaming of the Oregon coast the past week.

I just w
ant to stop everything I have going on right now, pack my things, and head to the ocean. I feel like I haven't seen the Pacific Coast in years, but in reality it's only been less than a year.

I'm definitely going in March after the show in Stumptown is hung!
So, until then I h
ave to decide which beach to go to!

If I c
an remember my camera tomorrow, I'm hoping that I can share some photos of the new paintings I've been working on, with you.


michael said...

I have been in Oregon a couple of times and I really love the place. I can't stop appreciating the beauty of that country even if I just sit on a coffee shop and appreciate the beauty of that place. Hope you have a nice trip there.

justagirl said...

It looks so much like some of New Zealand's coast line.

look forward to new painting pics.

Megan Chapman said...

Oh how I miss the Oregon coast.
I have not been on it since the summer of 1999.. way too long!
Thanks for the pictures and the memories.. Can't wait to see what you have been working on.

Anonymous said...

I'm surrounded by snow right now and looking at your pictures really takes me away to another place! I can actually feel the warmth. Ha...this is my first visit to your site....I LIKE! stop by mine if ya got's the time...