Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It started out such a lovely morning.

I went for
a nice run, the forecast predicted sun and 60 degree weather!
I w
as already to head down to the studio to start my work day. Then, when I went to start my car, it wouldn't start...


So, I put Chloe b
ack in the house, and rode my bike...
anted, I love riding my bike, but I also really love taking Chloe with me. I miss her when she's not here with me.

and now I have car worries...
yuck. I think c
ar worries are some of the worse worries to have. almost up there with relationship worries.

This, on top of the f
act that my art sales have been non-existent. I feel like I did so well last year, and this year has just been awful. I don't want to blame the economy or the fact that there are at least 100,000 new Etsy sellers every month. I need to look at what I am doing, or what I need to do differently.

I need
a new plan of attack. I think I need to get into some local shops. I also need to look into making some note cards, and maybe some little pinback buttons. The problem with cards and buttons is that they require some money to get made. Something I have very little of right now...

The wheels
are turning in my head...

Well, I'm
almost done with the work for my show. It's a beautiful day outside and I still have my health, and so does Chloe. So these are all good things I should focus on :)
Hope everyone is h
aving a good Wednesday!


Additionsstyle said...

Your blog is great, and your dog Chloe is soooo cute.

It's hard when things don't work, but keep your postive attitude and it will all work out.

Good luck with your up coming show.

Anonymous said...

Michele, I think you are having the same problems many of us are on Etsy. I think more and more of us are drowning in the sea of Etsy. I too am searching... searching for other ways of showcasing, selling etc.

BTW... love the steel bridge painting. It so represents that black behemoth that straddles the Willamette.

justagirl said...

Some local shops will be a good idea, I am relying on them at the moment as etsy is pretty dead.

I totally agree with you on car worries. I think is is worse because the cost to fixing is an unknown.

Good to focus on good health and sunny weather.

100%pureorangejuice said...

Hi - sorry to hear about your car, there really should be therapy for TCRS (Traumatic Care Renewal Stress)... thank heavens you have a bike.
You probably already know about Vista print and their free (or super cheap) postcards...just thought I'd mention... they turn out really well I think. Best of luck to you!

Cathy said...

Ugh, car issues are the WORST. I'm so sorry.
When I feel like everything is against me and nothing is working right I think of the movie "Finding Nemo"...(I know, a little lame, but it works for me)...when Dori says "just keep swimming".
Keep swimming. :)

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Michele...hang in there and focus on the good! It IS the economy right now...we're still in a major slump so people are keeping their money close to the pocket.

Your work is beautiful so the sales will come again...and soon I think. How can they not with Chloe as your studio manager?! Love her! xox

Anonymous said...

Yep, I know so well the need to get those neurons firing and come up with a new game plan. I wish you luck, you are amazing, I don't think it will be hard.

Michele Maule said...

Thanks for all the wonderful supportive comments peep! :D

Karin Grow said...

I think Chloe wants a bike basket for her to ride in.

Hang in there Michele, you're one of my favorite Etsy artists. Things will pick up. February is a notorious for being a slow month.

Melissa said...

I think the peak for etsy sellers has already passed and if you weren't on the boat, well, it's sailed on. I'm struggling with the same dilemma at the moment. Don't lose heart though, I love your work, especially your recent paintings.