Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today I am happy that the sun is out.

I'm h
appy that I got a chance to run a couple of miles, in said sunshine.

I'm h
appy that I have health insurance.

I'm so h
appy I live in Portland!!

and I am happy that I have the best dog in the universe. :D

also happy that I got some new things posted in my Etsy shop.


nacherluver said...

Oh how I love a good happy post!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

I recently visited Portland from St. Louis & saw your work at Stumptown. I was hoping to contact you about possible purchase - not immediately but after tax time :). I called the coffee shop - they had no number for you. You have no email address listed here & your webpage is down too....

Anywho, please email me at if you have a webpage I can review with your paintings, or perhaps you can send some shots via email with prices.


Janice La Verne said...

hi michele!

ging and i are going to be in portland April 3rd. Will the show still be up then? or are you at a craft fair that weekend?

I'm just hoping!

laurabucci said...

Haven't checked in here for a while. Love to look at your work. I always find it inspiring. It's nice to see these things that you create. I think we Canadians take health insurance for granted. Glad you have it!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi there :) I did a little blog hopping and landed on your blog, my goodness I love your work!!! Have bookmarked your blog so I can come visit again :) Have a lovely weekend :)