Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quiet Time

I'm sitting in my apartment and it's oh so very quiet. I can only hear Chloe snoring and the sound of the washing machine in the basement.I've been doing a lot of work the past couple of days. I've gotten back into my studio and it feels so right. I'm working on some new paintings (although, I don't know what the subject is going to be) and I have also started a new, secret, project. I'm really happy with it so far, and I am looking forward to sharing it, once I work some more details out.
I'm really taking my time with this project too. I know for a long time I keep telling myself to slow down, take time to create. Sometimes I feel this mad dash to get new things made and listed in my Etsy shop. I get it in my head that I need to make, make, make, now, now, now. Like if I don't get something made and listed my shop is going to fall into oblivion.

I think it's important to list new items frequently, in order to drive traffic to your shop, but I am trying to let go of this now, now, now mentality. I want to be happy with the things I am making and I don't want to turn my art into some sort of production line.


Stephanie said...

I'm excited to see what the project is going to be.

I hear my chloe snoring too.. but my chloe is a dog

justagirl said...

I am really liking the way your brain is working today... I am thinking along the same wave lengths. It is so very easy to rush things. People are going to be super excited about your project whether you show it now or next week or whenever... and it is important for you to have it just right.

Michele Maule said...

My Chloe is a dog too, Stephanie! :D

Thanks Catherine! I'm really excited to show everyone.:)

tangled sky studio said...

i totally get that too. my head is not in my studio right now but i so feel like it should be...letting go of that "now" mentality is a key to making work you love i think. can't wait to see what you are working on...whenever you're ready to share!