Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let the Right One In

The other night I watched a very strange Swedish vampire movie Called "Let the Right One In."
Vampires are so hott right now! Well, they were. I'm not really sure if they still are. Something else like werewolves are probably the hot new thing right now, this very minute, I just don't know it...

anyway, this was a pretty interesting movie. It was a bit weird, a bit creepy, and very quiet. What I liked most about this movie was the snow scenes. There are these really beautiful quiet night scenes with cold and snow. I really enjoyed watching that the most.

I tried to upload a YouTube video, but they were all too large for the blogger format.

It reminded me a little bit of winter in Michigan. How cold and quiet everything seemed at night. How you didn't want to go out, you just wanted to snuggle inside with a glass of wine and hibernate until Spring.

This would be a good movie to watch in the dead of summer when it's too hot to sleep.

I also really enjoyed looking at the set design. Swedish furniture and Swedish music. I realized while watching this that a) I really wanted to take a trip to Ikea and b) That I don't know too much about Swedish culture other than what I see at Ikea. ;)

Well, hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!


Mags said...

The poster sure is creepy. I wouldn't have gotten "ikea" on my first impression. hehe

Ikea does sound fun, I think a trip there is an excellent idea!

Took said...

Thanks for writing about this film. I just watched the trailer and added it my Netfilx queue. (Are you originally from MI?)

Michele Maule said...

Yup! I'm was born in MI and lived there for a couple of years.

justagirl said...

wow, this looks so good, nice and scary... I just hope it comes this way?

*megula* said...

My husband and I recently watched this movie and LOVED it! It was so unique and stirring :)