Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live in Oregon.

I spent a year and a half living in a place that was the complete opposite of where I live now, and sometimes I forget just how fortunate I am to live here.

Yesterday Nate and I went on a 12 mile hike at Multnomah Falls. Multnomah Falls is located about 20 miles outside of Portland. There are many trails you can hike on and many waterfalls to see. It started out being very cloudy and cool, but by the time we were done the sun had come out and we both had worked up a good sweat.

It was really beautiful. The foliage and the falls were so inspiring. Towards the end of our hike we came across a small bridge located right under a water fall. We stood there feeling the force of the wind on our face and the mist of the fall. It was amazing. Just what we needed after such a long hike.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Jennifer Mullin said...

Beautiful pics! I spent a summer living in Portland and have always dreamed of moving there for good. Someday. You are a lucky girl for living there.

Michelle Brunner said...

Just beautiful! You are lucky to live in a place where there are awesome trails to hike! I have always wanted to go to Portland:)

Cheryl Oz said...

OMG-osh... that waterfall is amazing!