Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Morning

Well, it's morning here anyway.

It's my d
ay off and I don't feel like doing anything. It's rainy and cold and I just want to sit and drink coffee and work on my illustrations.

So th
at's exactly what I'll be doing!
also hoping to post the two newest bird illustrations up in my Etsy shop today.

I c
an't believe that Thanksgiving is 2 and a half weeks away! The store I work at is getting crazy busy, and it is just going to get crazier. I thankfully was given a three day weekend that week and I fully intend to use every minute very wisely.

Well, these illustr
ations aren't going to finish themselves, so I off to make things and hopefully relax a bit today.


Felicity said...

I love your birds!! I just added your shop to my favorites.
Cheers, Felicity


nacherluver said...

Sweet little birds. Sounds like a nice day off. Hope you enjoyed

Cate Holst said...

Love the thought of the coffee and paint. Unfortunately coffee makes me shake and wouldn't be good for painting!

emmakisstina said...

Your drawings are so pretty and simple. I adore when the weather is rather oofy poofy so I can have a reason to stay indoors all day cozied up with my drawing materials...but I choose tea over coffee. xoxo