Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two New

It's time for a beer and some Thursday evening television. 30 Rock is on! Yes! I love Tina Fey. So much. :)

are my two newest. You can find them here.

and with that, I say good night!


J Kenny said...

Oh snap!
I'm watching 30 rock too :-) probably behind you in seasons though, I got the second season today although mines a cup of tea and some chocolate cake.

Your work as always looks fantastic!
I love your blog so much.
Take care

Vagabond Carnival said...

These are some pretty sexi collages!

Lisa PN said...

Haven't dropped by to say hello in quite some time. love your work and am happy that you are continuing.
I find your words inspiring and will drop by more often! be well!

amylee said...

lovely, lovely work.