Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh My.

Whoa! Hello there!
ah, it's been awhile...

I h
ad such a great day today. I was able to get so much done including going to the DEQ and the DMV. You wouldn't believe this but my car passed emissions! My cars never pass Oregon emissions. I always end up having to take my car in and having it fixed ($200-$350) -sometimes 2-3 times - so that it will pass. You usually have to wait a good 45 minutes too. Neither one of these things happened today! I waited 5 minutes and my big red truck passed!

I then went to the DMV to get my Oregon pl
ates. Would you believe it only took 15 minutes? 15 minutes! Holy cow. I don't think I've ever been out of the DMV in less than half an hour.

Sorry, to go on
about the errands I did today. I just wanted to share all of my good fortune for the day. I was hoping to get into my studio today, but I wanted to take care of this truck business this morning.

My pl
an for tomorrow is to lock myself in my studio and paint, paint, paint, and drink coffee, coffee, coffee.

I got my tree up l
ast night! I found Chloe's antlers and it reminded me of this photo I took of Chloe a couple of years ago :)


GRE Test said...

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Carol said...

I enjoyed your post :)
A great day indeed! Sometimes good fortune comes in the form of an empty parking space right where and when you need it and is deserving of a Happy Dance!

Cherry Runway said...

15 mins for the DMV IS pretty crazy! And glorious, seeing as it seems like one of the worst places i could take myself.

Glad it was so quick for you!

Barbara said...

Absolutely adorable doggy photo.