Thursday, February 10, 2011

Workity, Work, Work

I got so much painting done today and yesterday!
Go me!

I started painting the wood floor thinking I might not be able to do it...but it is actually turning out okay! I'm not really liking the shoes in the chair painting, and I'm pretty sure I want to change the yellow chair, to a dark brown chair, but I'm liking everything else so far.

It has been so beautiful in Portland the last couple of days. Sorry to those of you who are still in the depths of winter. I'm not trying to brag...hehe. Chloe and I have been out and enjoying it as much as we can.

We found these cute little pine cone things on our morning walk. I think I might have to paint them.

It's been such a busy week! Last week was also very busy! I'm leaving for a vacation the week after next and I am so ready.


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi the new work!

Wish it was as nice here in Boulder as Portland...the other morning was -13! Too cold for Maisie's paw paws.:)

Michele Maule said...

-13!! I don't think I could even get Chloe to go out in that! She'd put her paw breaks on...