Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Weekend!

Wow. I had such a great weekend.

Crafty Wonderland was great! I did really well and I got to see so many of my friends, and so many wonderful artists. I laughed, and sold, and said hi to tons of people. Great times.

I think there were a few factors to a more successful fair. Like I mentioned in my last post I limited the amount of items I sold on my table. Last year I had a ton of stuff and I think it might have been overwhelming my buyers. The other factors had to do with the date and the time. Last year it was the weekend before Mothers Day and it was a two day event. This year it was the day before Mothers Day, and it was only one day.

The next day I spent relaxing, mostly. I took a nap! We also went out to see Mirah and Thao at the Wonder Ballroom. Video here! I love them. It was a very fun show, and a great way to end a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful music, enchanting!

Jenipher said...

The table looks great! I'm so glad the show went well for you! :)