Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NW Summer

Well, the weather hasn't felt much like summer, here in Portland.

I think the high today was 70, and it was mostly cloudy, with some rain. That didn't stop me from working out in my garden, however!

I finally got my rosemary in and I planted some nasturtium. It felt so good to feel light rain on my face, and smell the dirt, and grass, that I was pulling up. It was definitely what I needed today.

Chloe enjoyed being outside for the most part, but ran inside when it started to sprinkle. She is not a NW kind of gal.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! My husband loves your roaming gnome!

Michele Maule said...

Ha! Thanks! I got him for free from work. He had a chip in his back, so I took him home. :)

Vanessa said...

I'm up near Seattle, and it's been a pretty cloudy summer for us too! When I look out the window, it's like fall, not summer! :)

Your garden looks wonderful!