Thursday, August 25, 2011

Screen printing!

Screen printing!
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I attempted to screen print this afternoon. I thought if I got started early enough, I could bust out some prints before it got too hot.

I was wrong. I always seem to be wrong about screen printing. It's not something I've mastered. There is a rhythm to it that I just haven't figured out.

Plus, the ink kept drying super fast because of the heat. No prints were made. Sadness...

In Chloe news, she napped all day yesterday and has spent the majority of today sleeping. She's getting lots of rest, which is a very good thing. :)

Thanks to all who have sent her well wishes! We both appreciate it.


tangled sky studio said...

i just tried screen printing too and am fascinated by the possibilities but realize the art is in the execution... hope chloe is feeling better!

Michele Maule said...

I have a whole new appreciation for screen printers!