Monday, November 7, 2011

My Brightest Diamond

Last night Nate, our friends, and I went out to see My Brightest Diamond play. Nate and I had never heard of Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond is her moniker), but our friends really like her and they have some pretty good taste in music, so we went!

It was a lot of fun and her voice is amazing. Really amazing.

If she is ever coming to a town near you, I highly recommend you go see her. Plus, she moved to Detroit. By choice. anyone who moves to Detroit, buys an abandoned house, and starts a garden is pretty awesome in my book.

Here is a video for you to enjoy :)


k.rahn said...

Hey Michele! I discovered some of your artwork on etsy yesterday and fell in love - I love your style and your subject choices...everything! Anyway, I decided to do a little feature of your work on my blog today and just wanted to let you know in case you'd like to check it out :) Here's the link:

Also...TOTALLY agree with you about people that move to Detroit in an effort to help revive the city. I'm from the opposite side of Michigan originally (live in NC now) but love the creative edge that the Detriot scene has to offer!

Michele Maule said...

Thank you :)

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c.n. lovering said...

Hi Michele- I just read this post Saturday, and later that day I heard an interview with her on NPR...she talked about her home in Detroit and all sorts of other lovely, smart things.

usa foxy lady said...

How I wish she will visit Tyler, Texas too and I'm sure lots of people will be please to her like I do. :)