Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today was rough and it ended with an emergency trip to the vet.
Chloe is going to be fine. She's had a cough and it's been triggering her to get sick. This evening when I got home, she threw up blood, and I rushed her in to her vet. Her vet thinks that she just broke a blood vessel.
She's on some antibiotics and everything else seems to be fine, so thank goodness for that!

They did some x-rays and her vet found something that she can't quite identify...so she's going to have a radiologist take a look at it tomorrow. I asked if maybe it was a tumor, but thankfully she doesn't think it is. She said if anything it's just her little intestine doing some acrobatics. Let's just hope she's right!

Oh, my little dog. She's been to the vet more times in the past 6 months than she has in her whole 4 years of life. I wonder if the vet would start taking paintings as a form of payment? ;)


nacherluver said...

Oh your poor girl! I certainly hope the meds take care of what ails her and that the tests show she is just fine. Your vet would be more than smart to take one of your lovely paintings as payment.

Michele Maule said...

haha! I agree! She would be very smart ;)