Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Oh my! I have two new prints available in my shop! Yay!

You can find the links here
and here.

I feel like it's been ages since I've listed something new.

Hope you enjoy it and hope you have a lovely day. 


GirlRural.com said...

Aww, I love the little red Royal. Great work you!

cathy said...

Love your typewriter prints!
p.s. I found you through pns :)

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE your Royal 3 red type writter. I have an actaul Blue Royal Symba type writter. Are you by any chance selling that print or the original? If so I do not have a ton of cash but I would love to buy either a print of it (signed by u if possibal) or the orginal depending on the price.
please get back to me on that feel free to e-mail me at

your blog rocks!