Friday, January 20, 2012


I didn't sleep well last night, but for some reason I feel ready to go today. We'll see if I'm still feeling the same around 5 this evening. ;)

It's been a productive week and I am feeling good with the amount of little paintings that I finished.

I've been trying very hard to do just a little bit of drawing, or painting, everyday. I feel like it helps me focus and regroup.

January is almost over, and it's been a great month. I'm looking forward to February and what new things it brings.


tangled sky studio said...

ditto on most everything you posted. i like the skies on your new little pieces and how much they reflect january skies. wishes for a lovely weekend to you on the west coast from the snowy midwest (remeber your winter here...doesn't it seem like forever ago?

Michele Maule said...

I was reminded of those winters this last week, Beth! It snowed here on Tuesday night and we woke up to white snow everywhere. It melted after a few hours. I don't mind snow of that nature! ;)