Thursday, January 12, 2012


I found this quote by Matisse while at the art museum this past weekend.

"There is only one thing that counts in the long run: you have to abandon yourself to your work. You have to give yourself over entirely, without thoughts, especially without afterthoughts. Only then does your work contain you totally. You also have to forget completely that the work you have created whether it has really been seen or experienced or not will always be judged by others. "

Something I've been thinking about the past few days.

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DeeAshley said...

“What I am after, above all, is
expression…. Expression, for
me, does not reside in passions
glowing in a human face or
manifested by violent
movement. The entire
arrangement of my picture is
expressive: the place occupied
by the figures, the empty spaces
around them, the proportions,
everything has its share.
Composition is the art of
arranging in a decorative
manner the diverse elements at
the painter's command to
express his feelings”

Your quote reminded me of another quote by Matisse. :)