Friday, January 27, 2012

Portland, Oregon

Oh hey!
Have you seen the show Portlandia yet? The first season came out last year, and the second season is currently running on the IFC channel.

I have to say, this show sums up this city very well. I admit, it's a bit strange watching a skit comedy show on the place where you live. It's even stranger when it's spot on.

My friend and I were talking about this clip and the countless number of times we've been in this situation. Even when the other person doesn't have even a stop sign! 


 This season is much funnier, in my opinion, than last season. I'm convinced that it's going to get better.
There are many people here who are opposed the show here. They refuse to watch it and write article about it for the paper and all the weeklies here.

I think it's fun. Don't take where you live so seriously, people.


Alisha said...

I love me some Portlandia. I'll have to watch the new season. The scenes where the girl pretends to be a weird wife-beater wearing guy kinda skeeve me out a bit. I'm kind of surprised that they made the show though because I feel like you have to know even the individual neighbors to get some of the jokes. I live in McMinnville and I don't quite get it all, so I wonder what people that live all over the place think.

Michele Maule said...

Yeah, I wonder if people from other parts of the country get it too...

The sketch with Carrie acting as a dude was weird. I don't like all of the skits, but some of them are pretty funny.

allison_bt said...

i have only seen a little of portlandia but i totally hate the show. i've polled friends and those of us actually from portland hate the show while transplants find it hilarious. that said, i don't even have to watch that clip to know exactly what it's about and it's super true, haha! i definitely get in those "no, you go!" 'fights' a lot and have since i was a kid! maybe i'll give season two another chance. maybe. ;)