Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Robert Hanson

Nate and I visited the Portland art Museum this past weekend.

We got to see some beautiful drawings by Robert Hanson, who was an instructor at Pacific Northwest College of art for a number of years.

We both loved the simplicity of his lines as well as his use of bold colors. There are elements of his drawings that remind me of the blind contour drawings we used to have to do in school. Then there are moments where he works out the details and creates a more finished area. It is quite lovely.

We were also able to get a glimpse of Titian's "La Bella." It was a little hard to get too close to it. There were quite a few people, and no one seemed brave enough to stand in front of the bench that was sitting in the front. It was beautiful and we were lucky to get a chance to see it in person.

Overall, a great weekend!
If you live in Portland I suggest you go out and see these works before they're gone.

I've been updated my shop with some pieces that I made this past summer for the Ristretto Roasters show. I've also created a sale section! I want to make room for new art and let go of some past prints. Once these prints are gone, they're gone forever! Change is good.

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