Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heavy, Weight

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I spent most of this morning reading up on small business/creative arts blogs. I feel inspired and I'm realizing that I seriously need to sit down and write myself a business plan. I think I've always been opposed to doing it because I have this idea that art is not business. art is art and not meant to be bought and sold like a product.

However, I'm starting to really rethink that idea. I've been thinking a lot about Andy Warhol and this idea. He really changed the way people buy and make art. He made art widely accessible. He promoted himself, and his work, as one idea, as one identity.

So, today while I am busy stocking shelves, dusting, and helping people find such items as peanut butter, or organic sugar, I will be plotting my world domination.


Cathy said...

I struggle with the same thing...hate self promotion, social media, business plans...but you can only go so far without all that. Good luck with world domination!!! :)

tangled sky studio said...

i so get this .I have met with other artists who have said to me "oh, you sell your work?" my goal (if i were to have one) is to create work that people can relate to and to get more original art out into the world. i love when my work leaves me because that means it's all grown up and somebody gets it and loves it and it can stand on it's own two proverbial feet. your work is amazing and i hope you find a way to keep it real and put it out there.

Zyzanna said...

Damn right! :)
I have been doing the same (planning) during my day job, not it's time to put some of that in action... Good luck! :)

Jenipher Lyn said...

Lady, this post is great. :)
Have you started it? I hope you haven't lost the momentum and have!