Friday, February 10, 2012

On a Roll

Watercolor on paper - Three
I feel like I've been on a creative roll the past couple of days. I was able to get some panels all collaged and just about ready to paint, and I finished up this pretty feather watercolor painting yesterday. For some reason it looks pretty blurry here...but not in my Etsy shop. hm?

 We're in our final days of our vacation, but I'm trying hard not to think about it. Live in the moment!

I made a promise to myself to never wait as long as we did to take time off. I get so wrapped up in things that I forget to do it, but it really is SO important.

I'm already planning another one is august!

Well, happy weekend! We actually don't have to work Saturday so it will be a real weekend for us!

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Charlotte Judge said...

The painting is stunning!