Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wake Up

Trying to wake up this morning. It's a work day so I don't think that is contributing to my sleepiness. I always seem to want to sleep in on the days I have to be at work...

Number 51
You Can Stay as Long as You Need
It's also very grey and rainy outside and that is not helping the situation either.
Sunshine, please don't hide out for too long. My garden needs you. I need you.

In other news, I've added two new pieces to my Etsy shop! Yes! Here and here.
I feel like I return to collage because it is such a meditative process for me. I rip and tear paper and find places for them on a small piece of paper. alone the torn bits of paper are just that. Together, they make up an odd pattern. They become cohesive. a lot like a quilt. So, I tend to return to this medium when I want to make art, but I don't know where to start.

anyway, I hope you enjoy them as well! Have a great Wednesday.

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